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Clark Schlesinger - A talented Mississauga singer/songwriter


It was such a pleasure to meet Clark and his family in January to shoot the cover of the Lorne Park Magazine :)  Clark is in grade 11 at Cawthra Park Secondary School (woohoo - the best school ever - but I am biased of course as I went there - and it is where I found my passion of photography with Mrs. Laverty - who sadly has retired now!) Sorry, was getting off topic there...

We shot some photos in their lovely living room (and really I mean lovely - my dream design and decor of a living room) and then I had the tour of Clark's music room, living room, arcade room and "mancave".  You can follow his Facebook Page or watch one of his many youtube videos (just google him!)  He is super mature, talented and a really nice person!  I wish him the best of luck in his career!



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