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How to document your engagement proposal :)


This video is amazing, shot by Zhangjie Li on his trip with his *girlfriend to Bora Bora. I use an asterisk because she came home his fiancée :) Zhangjie was amazing at using a Go Pro and a drone to capture their amazing trip AND (*spoiler alert) his proposal (and he is an amateur)! It is worth the 30 minutes to watch to see the spectacular proposal at the end. The amazing part is that so many people can do this as well! So what I am saying is for all you people out there who are planning to propose this holiday season --- use a go pro or drone to capture it all… the footage will be such a special memory for years to come.

Another idea is to hire a photographer to either be paparazzi and appear at the perfect moment to capture the candid expressions or to set up a portrait shoot and then to her surprise… propose to her near the end of the shoot! Then you will have it all documented!

Best of luck to everyone who is newly engaged or soon to be engaged!! Take 1 Photography provides lifestyle wedding photography for the modern and creative couples who want timeless and inspiring images.



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