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"Let's Talk About Men" Documentary - by Dario Vrbanek


When I met my (now) soon to be husband he told me he was making a documentary.  I thought, ok cool!  I take pictures so it's great that we both have that documentarian (a real word - I looked it up :P) in us.  But... it was not an easy or fun process for a lot of it but it was a passion project that Dario had to complete! 

It is his baby and he said that if he didn't do it he would have regretted it.  There were many headaches about learning everything there is to know about a video camera and making a documentary (he is a total amateur - he is a high school teacher).  But in the end, Dario completed it and I am sooo proud of him for that <3   He said that even if his film never showed at a theater we was still glad he made it (what a great legacy!)

We are so excited to share that he has now been excepted to TWO film festivals :)  Cleveland film festival back in March, 2015 and now the NYC Independent film festival in October 2015.  What a relief and accomplishment to be validated on screen!


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