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Chris & Britt's Hacienda Antigua, Mexico Wedding


Chris and Britt’s bohemian Mexican wedding at Hacienda Antigua is situated near Sayulita (a really cool surfing town) in Lo de Marcos (about an hour from Puerto Vallarta).  It was a hot and wet day but nothing stopped this couple from having the time of their lives!  This DIY couple went on a mission to find the best décor a few days before their wedding. 

The colours absolutely popped on each of the guest’s seats. The ceremony started with perfect weather and as the ceremony progressed and became more emotional, the sky became dark and lightening could be seen right behind the couple in the distance. Their love was electric! It was so magical.  Shortly after the ceremony the downpour started.  Everyone ran to take cover in the Hacienda. 

Everything took place at the beautiful and large house. Reception tables surrounded the pool (which was definitely used by many guests to cool off at the end of the night) and the most delicious and fresh meal was served. The rain let up and then dinner was enjoyed.  By the time Chris and Britt had their first dance on a special outdoor dance floor, the downpour started again.  They just danced right through it all! 

The rest of the evening saw rain come and go, the power come and go - but this didn’t stop the amazing guests celebrate, dance and sing with the couple all night long. Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing wedding C&B – all the best! OXOXOX





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