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Danielle & Willis' Maternity Lifestyle Session


It was my absolute pleasure to photograph Danielle & Willis before they welcome their twins!! A boy and a girl, how sweet and perfect is that?! I am lucky to call them my friends and to have documented their pregnancy before the bundles of joy arrive.  Danielle was so open to do any shots and was so comfortable in her skin it was such a beautiful thing to document.  She is so beautiful and just radiating!! 

Willis did an amazing job in the photos although he doesn’t particularly enjoy being photographed – but you can’t even tell.  Danielle & Willis smile so big when they look at each other and make each other feel at ease.  They have been married just over one year now and are such a perfect couple, which will make for perfect parents! 

Congratulations D & W and best wishes for a smooth delivery :) ox Christina

Update: Etta and Clark Welsh were born Aug 22, 2015.  They are healthy and happy, parents couldn't be happier :)



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