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Friendship is such a beautiful thing - I've decided to write a post just about it!  This is a bit of a personal reflection, which I tend to find hard to do but here I go... let's see how it goes. I find it harder to make new meaningful friendships as I get older.  Most of your colleagues are growing their families and are therefore so busy they don't have time for new friendships.  Or perhaps you work from home or in a small office where there isn't an opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships.  The friendships that last for a lifetime are definitely those that are humble, encouraging, giving, respectful - as well as full of laughter, tears and amazing memories. I am getting married this year and find it so heartwarming to know that I have so many friends who want to watch us through our journey and are there for us along the way - dealing with all the ups and downs!  That is truly special and I am so grateful for all of my friends <3

This is dedicated to Robin who made me this beautiful keychain for my birthday --- please inquire with her if you'd like something custom made ( I swear she should be on ETSY already!



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