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How to get your photography featured in a wedding blog


On this note - to other photographers and couples out there - here are my two cents on how I think we are chosen to be featured (because as other wedding photographers know - we can get rejected from some blogs but chosen for others).

  • Having something trendy in your shoot.  Something current that people love to see, for example - a floral crown

  • Having something unique - something that pops that really shows off the couples' personalities

  • Having a fun aspect to the shoot

  • Having props

  • Shooting some details as well (not every shot has show the couples' faces)

  • Having a couple who are open to show affection and who have amazing chemistry

  • Including a short story about the couple and how the shot went - including any interesting details that will be entertaining to a viewer

  • Lastly... very simple but yet so many mistakes made about this: follow the submission instructions by the specific blog you are submitting to!!!  They all have their own criteria (like image size, how many images to give them and how to submit - ie: dropbox) that they are looking for to even consider looking at your images so be sure to give them the images in the format they want.

I hope this helps and best of luck to anyone trying to get featured/published :)


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