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Jessica & Neil's Blue Jays & Toronto Island


I met Jessica and her mother at a coffee shop and they were just the cutest mother and daughter I had ever met (Neil was not available). I don’t think I’ve met a happier bride to be. I was thrilled when Jessica, Neil and I planned out a Blue Jays and Toronto Island engagement shoot – some of my favorite things as well.

They came prepared with jerseys, balls and bats that made for some great props. We started around the Rogers Center and then made our way to the Island just in time to catch the sunset –and what amazing photos we got.

Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny and warm day. They also have the most unique story of how they met. It was at a mutual friend’s wedding. They were chatting at the bar when another guest asked how long they’ve been together and how cute they were. Neil decided to go along with it and pretended they were an item. They even had their first kiss right there to “prove” they were a couple. What a first date/meeting!

They are a beautiful couple and so fun to be around. I can’t wait for their summer wedding.

OX Christina



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