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Katerina & Daniel’s Winter Engagement


Katerina & Daniel's Winter Engagement Shoot at the Guildwood was nothing short of spectacular.  Katerina looked stunning in her long red dress and Daniel looked so handsome just being his cool and calm self.  Katerina was so giddy from the beginning, as soon as I started to snap some frames, she was posing like a natural model and could make Daniel laugh within seconds.  These two have amazing chemistry and there is no doubt that they are going to have a beautiful and romantic wedding and a very happy life together :) Katerina made Daniel feel at ease, who I know was a little shy of the idea of an engagement shoot.

These two met at school around the smokers area.  As Daniel put it, Katerina was trying to bum a smoke off him :P  Of course he always helped her out and they have hit it off ever since then :) They have an adorable dog Hunter who is a Labrador and oh-so energetic.  I had to snap some super quick photos of him with his parents before he ran off and would roll around in the snow - which was very cute. 

The Guildwood Inn is very special to K & D as they live just a few minutes away and walk Hunter here often.  The architecture is absolutely stunning and the light snow that fell made for the most romantic pictures.   We had to reschedule about 3 times because of the weather but I am so glad we waited for this most special and perfect day.

I can't wait to document your wedding day K & D,

OX Christina



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