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Kelly & Zach Engagement photos at St. James Cathedral, Toronto


Kelly met me after seeing my published engagement shoot on The Wedding Co. Blog.  She was very sweet and after a phone conversation and in person meeting she decided to hire me for their wedding day :) Yay! 

Kelly met Zach at a local bar that they frequented and finally decided to talk to one another and, the rest was history.  This is their first marriage and it is going to be a good one, I can feel it :) 

They decided on St. James Cathedral for their engagement photos since Zach had spent some time there years ago and so the park beside the church was a special place for them.  It is a beautiful cathedral and garden area.  We got shots outside the cathedral, around the gardens (in some beautiful lavender!) and even found a pug puppy they used as a cute prop.  They will be tying the knot soon on a Mariposa Boat in Toronto and I can't wait!

OX ~Christina



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