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Sarah & Michael - Humber College Sunrise Engagement


Sarah met Michael at Humber Lakeshore Campus when they were both studying to teach ESL.  They hit it off instantly and are now a few months away from getting married!  Sarah decided to go another route for work but Michael stuck with the ESL teaching and even now teaches at Humber where he studied. 

Of course, Humber Lakeshore Campus became our engagement shoot location - and it was a perfect crisp morning with gorgeous sunrise lighting.  In behind the campus there is a beautiful nature reserve with "views of the 6" (:P), a gorgeous Toronto skyline and paths along the waterfront.  We even got some shots with a swan... how romantic?!  Sarah and Michael are so real and genuine as a couple, it was a pleasure to document them laughing and having fun together during the shoot.

I can't wait for their wedding,

~Christina OX



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