A Worthwhile Investment

Why should you choose Take One Photography?

My photography preserves the beauty, love and support felt and experienced at such a special moment in people's lives. 


My friendly and professional personality compliments my natural light and editorial style to capture stunning, emotional and organic images.  There is only one chance to capture a moment and our experience and anticipation of those moments will ensure we document them all for you.



Documenting your story...



Who am I?

Christina Boni.jpg

Aloha! I am the owner and main photographer of Take One Photography. A little about me:

*I have two precious daughters

*I L O V E swimming, beaches, Hawai'i, surfing... I am a beach bum at heart

*I love oldies music

*I love anything blueberry!

*I love to watch cooking and doctor shows

*I love international films

FUN Facts:

*My nickname is Donuts (lovingly given to me by my husband)

*I played softball for 10 years (pitcher!)

*A fond memory of mine is going to get Tim Hortons donuts after baseball games and taking one quarter of each donut because I HAD to try them all :)