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Baby Kaiha's Lifestyle Session


Babies… they are the sweetest things!  I wanted to share some photos from a lifestyle session I had with Kevin, Heather and their newborn Kaiha.  She is about 2 and a half months old and is such a happy baby.  We only had to take a short break when she needed to eat, and then she was happy go lucky baby again. 

She especially loved when I held up her koala – she stared at it mesmerized!!  A cute note about the koala – Kevin and Heather met in Australia at teachers college… so how adorable is it that their daughter loves Koalas?!  They are such sweet and loving parents and showed it so comfortably during our shoot. 

We ended with adorable pictures of Kaiha sleeping in a basket.  Her cousin had given her a beautiful hand-crafted “K” which made as a great prop in the photo.  

All the best to H & K & K.



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