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New puppy + new house + new garden in one summer!


I'd like to start blogging more about my personal life and I have decided on a few new things that have happened recently. I have always wanted my own house... and my own garden (I grew up with the influence of my Nonna's beautiful garden)... and this summer I got both! The garden will have to wait until next year to be full of vegetables but I did get a few things growing this summer - beans, green peppers, basil, lavender, lettuce and radishes! I was so excited to eat my first pick of the garden - the green beans - and they were delicious! Not sure if growing them myself made them taste better but the fact that they are essentially organic sure helped :) There is something so satisfying about watching vegetables grow before your eyes with some water, sun and attention!

I also got a new puppy this summer just to make life more interesting. The new puppy was not something I dreamed of but I gave into my fiance's dream of having a dog. She is a red lab named Bourbon and she is definitely growing on me but there are times I just want to give her up! Like when she scratched the hard wood floors, ran through my garden knocking off my little green peppers or eating her beautiful new bed! It is such a hectic life with her but she does bring lots of joy into our lives.

My soon to be husband Dario mentioned just today about how little she was when we first got her, I honestly already forget, I had to look at pictures and they brought back some fond memories. Puppies grow up too fast but they sure are really cute!!

More blogging to come about Bourbon for sure ;) Here she is on July 8, 2015 (2 months old).



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